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So-ADE debugger is a plug-in for Qt-Creator that extends the debugger capabilities by providing unique and easy to use new feature to the existing debugger.

With So-ADE debugger you can display and navigate your data during a debug session like no other debugger. It provides Pretty Print feature for the Qt, Boost, Verific and std libraries (Thousands of classes are covered).

Even more, using So-ADE debugger unique GUI, you can develop your own Pretty Printers in no time to better suit your specific development environment.

With So-ADE debugger you can dynamic change the Pretty Printers to adapt to particular need in a specific context. It is possible to change the displayed data in a container or to filter the contents.

With So-ADE debugger, you can significantly reduce the time spent on debug and increase your productivity.

The Debugger plugin for Qt Creator

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