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Nice Touch rendering

So-ADE graphengine renders any Gate Level Netlist with superior visual quality:


Netlist sample 1
Netlist sample 2
Netlist sample 3

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C++ Source Code

Qt Logo

So-ADE graphengine is built upon Qt 5.3 series. It is an highly optimized rendering engine ready for being embedded in any EDA application. It is available with:

So-ADE graphengine can easily be tuned to match you rendering requirement (create new nodes model, parametrized layout,...)

Tool Box

So-ADE graphengine is provided with a toolbox allowin to easily build new graph manipulation tools. This framework has undo/redo built-in capabilities. The tools can either works in static graph mode or entensible graph mode.

In this later mode, user can dynamic change the graph contents by browsing graph side elements.

Provided tools are: