So-ADE Unveils Second Release of its Leading Debugger Tool

So-ADE Debugger Developed to be Easy to Use, Intuitive

Grenoble Area, France April 25, 2015. So‑ADE today announced immediate availability of So‑ADE debugger 2.0, an easy-to-use and intuitive debugger for the development and debugging of C/C++ programs.

Meant for exigent C/C++ developers, So‑ADE adds unmatched debugging feature to Qt Creator, the leading IDE tool from Digia  Plc.

"Our tool was developed to be easy to use and efficient. Its powerful feature enables any developer with no specific debugger programming knowledge to tune gdb so that it can format, filter or interpret program data in the most convenient way. This significantly simplify the analysis of software bugs and speed up their resolution." states Stéphane Petithomme of So‑ADE.

According to recent market study from University of Cambridge, "on average, software developers spend 50% of their programming time finding and fixing bugs. When projecting this figure onto the total cost of software development, the study estimated that the total cost of debugging software amounts to $312 billion per year. The significant amount of time spent on debugging represented to the researchers an important opportunity to improve development productivity

So‑ADE debugger is design to address this issue. It comes with built-in pretty printers for Verific, Qt, Std, boost or our own Gragh Engine libraries. This is an impressive set of 738 new Pretty Printers for Qt Creator. "We except library writers to use So‑ADE debugger to provide Pretty Printers for all their libraries and thus ease adoption and usage by the community." note Stéphane.

So‑ADE debugger is available on both Linux and Windows.

About So-ADE

founded in 2015, So-ADE is a privately held company based near Grenoble, France,  developing and marketing innovative Consulting Services for Software company, EDA tool manufacturers (OEMs), in-house CAD tool developers and semiconductor companies. Its primary products are So‑ADE debugger, a cutting-edge C/C++ EDA tool debugger and So‑ADE graphengine, a schematic generator available at C++ source code level. Email: Web Site:


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So-ADE Prese Release Version 2.0