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Qt definitions

So-ADE debugger 2.0 comes with support for Qt Library with built-in written Pretty Printers for the library. These Pretty Printers differ from the one provided by Qt Creator. As for any Pretty Printer from So-ADE debugger, you can edit them, apply filtering option (aka display element based on key or value criteria) and fine tune the displayed key/value.

This includes supports for for following containers and their respectives iterators:

  - QBitArray

  - QByteArray

  - QHash and QMultiHash

  - QLinkedList

  - QList

  - QMap and QMultiMap

  - QQueue

  - QSet

  - QVector

Basic 1-D containter are specialized for 2-D Processing (Ex: Qlist< QPair >)

So-ADE debugger also has improved support for QString, QChar, QPair as well as unmatched support for Qt enumeration (QFlags). It can decode enum like no other tools even when highly complexe bitwise logic is used in the defnition of the enum.

So-ADE debugger and Qt support