Release Note

Version 1.0.0: (mai 2015)

Initial Release

Version 1.0.1: (June 2015)

Minor improvement in Verific support

Add Support for Windows

Version 1.0.2:

Improve Stack retrieval when GDB is busy and does not respond to stack queries

Version 1.0.3

Add partial/experimental support for UndoDB-gdb third party software

- Supported feature are:

  - Execution command: reverse_next, reverse_continue, reverse_step, reverse_finish.

  - Jump command: undodb-set-bookmark/undodb-goto-bookmark//undodb-goto-n

- partialy supported feature are: nexti, stepi, reverse_nexti, and reverse_stepi.

  Behavior is unpredictable/suprising as UndoDb does not isolate So-ADE inferior calls to inferior proper execution.

Version 1.1.0

Application is ported to New Release of Qt-Creator (3.5). Support for older Qt-Creator version is dropped.

Fix following bugs:

- Detect when database netlist model does not link from instance to module definition and issue proper

  error message.

- fix Tools cursor management when mouse leaves current graph view with an activated tool.

- Fix issue related to dynamic graph management in stack analysis when displayed stack is outdated

- Temporary drop support for Windows version.

- Add feature to retrieve hidden graph after it is minimized (menu entry in Windows->Views)

Version 2.0

- Drop support for older Qt-Creator. Supported version is 3.6.1

- Add support for user written Pretty Printers throuth a GUI interface that manages all the internal aspect of

the Pretty Printing engine. Models are compiled into Pyton code.

- Product is shipped with pre-configured Models for containers from the following libraries:

  - Qt (5.x)

  - Boost (1.60)

  - std (4.7, 4.8 and 4.9+)

Version 2.0.1

- Minor bug fixes

- Extend Header and Member functor with optional re-interpret cast to So-ADE debugger model (Even if model is

describing an obejct model that does not exist in the inferior).

- Add new Functor to use Python Lambda expression to process field.

- Improve expression documentation

Version 2.0.2 (June 2016)

- CPU fixes for typedef Pretty Printing.

- Add support for pmap library from Class from Greg Hood (

- Add new field to document a Pretty Printer at class level

- Fix Std library missing Pretty Printers for std::string and std::wstring

- Extend Python API support for right/left extraction in Linked Container. Now have access to container and cell values.

- Add support for synonyms in class name. Each synonyms are separated using a ';' character

- Fix ATL-GR bug in non-US keyboard layout for python code editor in So-ADE debugger pretty-printer parameters

Version 2.0.3

- Add support for Native Field. This allows to create Pretty Printers that re-uses the original field from a class as per GDB definition.

  Make it simplier to only add one computed field or edit header while keeping original debug definition from GDB.

Version 2.1.0

- Licence changed to GPL 3.0

- Move support to Qt-Creator 4.3.0

- Add support for deque in Std and Boost library

- Add support for tuple in Std and Boost library

- Add support for almost all classes from the std library (over 175 classes!)

- Extand Python API with new function: d.saveValue() and d.retrieveValue() allowing to keep persistant constant between python call

in a container definition.

- Extand Python API with new function: stripTypedefs(typeobj). This is used to resolve the typedef definition of a C++ type (Drop typedef).

- Fix internal bug causing invalid display when a field is displayed in parent position

- Fix bug when reporting bug in the interface for arrays when "invalid condition" is set and "nb Element" is not used. The debug mode was

attempting to display the bug report under "Nb Element" instead of "Array Size" when "Array Size" contains error.

- Improve display of debug information for "Wrapper Mode". The GUI now reports when the targetted object has no valid Pretty Printer.

- Add new built-in Printers for Verific (netlist model) and GraphEngine

  These models are now editable.

- Improve reporting of Underlying Python error for customized container

- Add new option in Customized Container when used from the general model editor:

  - Object naming (singular/plurial)

- Add new type of container: A combined container that is composed of the elements of two or more sub-containers.

- Improve model synonyms handling (enable managemet, Forbid duplicate in synonyms that are enabled)

- Add new Model for Qt Java style iterators over containers

- Add model checker (under Pretty Printer Debug mode) that verifies that all model cross reference are correctly set: linked model exists and is enabled.

- Add new operator  for field expression {Base[:index]} to access to a base class of an object. 0 is the first base class, 1 is second,...

- Add support for Target type in template type extration. Allows to get a object from a template parameter.

- Add API virtualType() to the value object. It returns the real type of an object/pointer in case of object with inherited structure.

- Add support for Qt5.8 in enum management. Issue related to enum parser where new qt internal name qt_version_tag was not hanbled properly.

- The others small improvement i forgot!